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Privacy Policy

Kramer&Kramer Software does not collect any personal information from your use of our apps. If we have any of your personal information we will not knowingly sell or give it to anyone, except if lawfully subpoenaed to produce it, and then only after offering you a reasonable chance to challenge such subpoena if allowed by law.

Although we do not collect personal, device, usage or content information

we could!

Such information may be stored in CloudKit and would be encoded. If we wanted to, we (and only we) could decode it. But we don't want to and we won't. Apple's Privacy Policy may have required that we check "Yes" because of this ability to decode your information.

Please use the Contact Us button of this is a concern.

Regarding the app: Two Hour Parking: iChalk

License plate images and associated data are collected by your use of the app "Two Hour Parking: iChalk" and stored in Apple's CloudKit database. These images and data are available only to members of your Account. Kramer&Kramer Software has access to these images and data but will use such access only to assure the proper functioning of the app. License plate images and the decoded license plate are also retained by our partner Plate Recognizer. We assume no responsibility for Plate Recognizer's use of that data. Plate Recognizer's privacy policy is described here:

Terms of Use

Standard terms of use apply to your use of all Kramer&Kramer Software apps. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kramer&Kramer Software from any liability associated with your use of any Kramer&Kramer Software App and to immediately stop using Kramer&Kramer Software Apps upon any notice that such use may be considered an infringing act. In no event will Kramer&Kramer Software's liability to you exceed the amount you have paid for Apps and In App Purchases from Kramer&Kramer Software.

Our Apps

Kramer & Kramer Software markets the apps listed below for the iPhone/iPad and, if indicated, the Apple Watch.

All of these apps are available on the Apple App Store.

Tap the app name or logo to be taken directly to the app store.

Stocks and Options:

option portfolio value analyzer

- Uses Black-Scholes

- Greeks, Time and Price projections

- one month free subscription

Watch My Stocks

(also runs on Apple watch)

stock portfolio daily gain/loss/price;

- use an ETF stock proxy for

intra day gain/loss on funds

- delayed quotes free;

upgrade for real time quotes

stock portfolio analysis tool

- one month free subscription

Invest virtual cash in the stock market

- free initial investment portfolio

- start with $100,000

- buy any NYSE or NASDQ stock

Athletics - swimming/hiking

Lap Swim

(runs on Apple watch)

Lap counter and stop watch

- Senses turns using gyroscope

- Easy viewing large font

- Auto stop/start

- Time, speed, distance, stroke data

recorded and graphed on iPhone

Adds GPS guidance to any trail map

- trail map from website, photo or pdf

- place two geo-location pins and go

- or use crowd sourced GPS Trail Maps

• Science and Perception

Receive LIGO/Virgo alerts from GCN

- O4 expected to start in late 2022

- Database of previous events

- Educational Links

- Message board

Spring and pendulum simulator

- 4 adjustable springs/pendulums

- adjust spring constants and legths

- gravity tilt on/off

- air/water viscosity

- upgrade to 10 springs and more


(also runs on Apple watch)

A color perception challenge

- Test your ability to match a color

- use RGB, CMY or HSB values

- 10 free colors, upgrade for more

• Law Enforcement

iChalk parked cars with a digital photo

- uses ALPR software to decode

and record license plate

- time and geo-location recorded

- repeat and display parked time

- permanently keeps a ticket record

including time stamped photos

- records can be shared with others

- less than $0.01 per iChalking

• Logic Games

32 free 2-D mazes

- visible/invisible walls

- sizes 6x6 to 20x20

- upgrade to unlimited mazes

Line, Square, Cube and Teseract (!) mazes

- various sizes including 5x5x5x5

- Location in Teseract maze:

two 2-dimensional cuts

- Location in Cube maze:

2-D cut and 1-D cut

Multilevel version of MineSweeper

- A 3-dimensional logic puzzle

- more complex than the 2-D original

- mine densities 4% to 20%

- sizes 3x3x3 to 6x6x3 free

- upgrade for more sizes and densities

Play Go on one or two devices

- connect using WiFi or Game Center

- Boards sizes 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19

- First 1000 stones free

then 30 stones per penny

• Card Games

A virtual deck of cards to play any card game

- 21 preset games, 9 decks

- 4 hidden hands

revealed by tilting iPhone/iPad

- connect multiple devices

using WiFi or Game Center

Marvin Kaufman's famous solitaire

- clear the 40 cards using the 12

- 8 and 10 columns

- Game Center Leaderboards

- 20 free hands; upgrade for more

• Children's Games

Multi-level, tilt-sensitive arcade game

- Game Center Leaderboards

- tilt to link colored paintballs

- loud explosions when correctly linked

- 8 free levels; upgrade to 66 levels

Fingerpaint on an iPhone/iPad screen

- 6 colors, 5 thicknesses

- Connect devies using WiFi and

Color together or play games

- upgrade to make your own color

and connect 4 devices

Touch a house and reveal a ball

Touch the ball and reveal a bird

- 4 different colors

- 4 different birds and birdsongs

- Replace bird and birdsong with

your own photo and recording

• Expenses

Record credit card receipts

- photograph for future reference

- indicates amount left for any tip

- permanent and accessible record

- free initial 3 months

Record a list of expenses

- photograph each receipt

- assign to different catagories

- enter in various currencies

converts between currencies

- send to others for expense reports

- 50 expense items free

upgrade to expand to 500

• Virtual Reality Photography

Photograph 3-D panoramas - VR-Panos

- uses video recordings to create

dual image 3-D photographs

- view VR-Panos stereoscopically

cross-eyed or straight-eyed

or use stereoscope (not supplied)

- includes a 2-D VR option

- Virtual Reality:

image rotates as you rotate

- e-mail VR-Panos to others

- first 10 VR-Panos free

• Carpooling

Matches driver/passenger carpooling needs

- enter travel details on a map

- displays matches

- send messages to a match

- set up around Princeton NJ

- can be applied to other locations